Welcome to Orthomom

At Orthomom, Dr. Kristy Chung believes in  providing outstanding orthodontic treatment in a friendly, gentle environment with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. You will always be treated with respect and utmost care. Rather than just another patient in our treatment chair, you will be regarded as a member of friends and family. Over time, as your orthodontic treatment progresses, we will get to know you and your life as much as you get to know about us.​

What makes orthodontics with Orthomom unique?

  • Mom knows best!

Being a mom herself, Dr. Chung truly understands what it means to be a mother. Dr. Chung practices with the philosophy that every patient should be treated as if he or she is a member of the doctor’s own family. With expertise in traditional and modern orthodontic treatment modalities, based on many years of clinical experience, Dr. Chung customizes each treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Dr. Chung pays close attention to detail and takes pride in her work.

  • Dr. Chung listens!

Upon completing an initial consultation when a patient’s chief concerns are heard, Dr. Chung suggests treatment options that address such concerns. The doctor reviews the pros and cons of each option, and helps the patient select a treatment plan that’s best tailored to address the patient’s needs.

  • Dr. Chung believes in using premium quality supplies and state-of-the-art equipment.

X-rays and charting are digital, which eliminates the toxic waste and reduces exposure to unnecessary radiation and environmental waste.

  • There are no surprises!

Dr. Chung likes to update treatment progress for each patient and parent constantly, so that the patient is involved in his or her treatment progress. Dr. Chung truly believes the best possible orthodontic outcome is derived from engaging the patient’s compliance and teamwork.

  • Saturday availability

Our office hours are conveniently arranged to accommodate your busy schedule. Saturday availability is especially convenient for patients who may not be readily available during weekdays.

  • At Orthomom, you have ONE doctor

Dr. Chung will see you at every visit and knows your treatment history inside out from beginning to end!

To find out how Dr. Chung and the Orthomom team can change your life with a smile, contact our Sunnyvale orthodontic office to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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