Braces Diagram

Elastic Tie: Tiny rubber band that fits around the bracket to hold the archwire inplace.

Loop in Archwire: Frequently used for closing the space left by an extraction. Many archwires don't have a loop.

Archwire: The main wire that acts as a track to guide the teeth along. It's changed periodically throughout treatment, as teeth move to their new positions.

Bracket: Small attachment that holds the archwire in place. Most often, a bracket is cemented directly onto the tooth's surface, eliminating the need for a band.

Headgear Tube: Round, holoow attachment on the back bands. The inner bow of the headgear fits into it.

Coil Spring: Fits between brackets and over archwire to open space between teeth.

Tie Wire: Fine wire that is twisted around the braocket the hold the archwire in place.

Band: A thin ring of metal fitted around a tooth and cemented inplace. The band provided a way to attach the brackets to the tooth.

Hook: Welded or removable arm to which elasticss (rubber bands) are attached.

Elasic (Ruber Band): Small rubber band that is hooked between different points on the appliance to provdie pressure to move the teeth.

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