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Hansol K.


This place is best orthodontic office around. Dr. Chung and her staff are very professional, humble, courteous, and caring. I got my Invisalign done here for a very reasonable price in comparison to all the other places. Dr. Chung was awesome!! She was very courteous to my schedule and always goes the extra mile by explaining everything in detail (she is super smart!) and being super accessible to her patients! Going through this process was super easy. She really cares and is in the best interest of all her patients all the time. Within the moment you meet her she is definitely someone you know you can trust. 


Just graduated from the Invisalign program and my teeth look great! Been getting so many compliments from different people.  


Oh and she is a Berkeley/UCSF/HARVARD Graduate! Need I say more??!?!??!


Truly the Orthomom! Trust her like my mother and trust the decisions she makes for me :)

Josh Sellens


I’ve been looking for an orthodontist for my son and visited quite a few offices before deciding to go with Dr. Chung’s office.   I picked her office for many good reasons but ultimately when I found out that my dentist was taking his child to Dr. Chung for orthodontic treatment.   It has been about a year into treatment and I am very satisfied.  I am amazed at how well Dr. Chung explains the treatment progress and keeps me posted with my son’s orthodontic treatment.  She even responded when I wanted to bring my son in on this weekend for a loose expander!  She came to see my son on a Sunday afternoon!!!!

To anybody who is looking for an orthodontist, Orthomom simply rocks!!!

Linda C.


When to see Dr Chung for my daughter's orthodontic consultation after having talked to a few other orthodontists. Unlike other doctors that I met,  Dr. Chung spent time explaining treatment plans and was very nice and knowledgeable.

The staff was kind, and the office was clean and state of art. My daughter was very happy and liked Dr. Chung immediately.  I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a good orthodontist!

Steve O.


I thought Dr. Kristy Chung was new so I was a bit hesitant at first.  Turns out she's been practicing for many years at another dental group nearby under a different name. Very impressed by her knowledge and sensitivity to quality of life in her treatment (not just pulling teeth out just to make it easy for her).  After comparing treatment plans with other orthodontists in the area, I figured you can't go wrong with a Harvard educated doctor!!! :). She's been fantastic thus far (the office looks really nice too) and I have recommended two other patients to her already!!!

Dean S.


We had an excellent experience with Kristy. Both my daughters got braces at Orthomom. During our first visit, she took her time to explain the treatment and the estimates for the treatment were fair and competitive. 

She is caring, sweet and soft spoken, and made the girls feel comfortable on all visits. In the course of her Phase-1 treatment, my younger daughter had an incident in 2016, where the brace was very uncomfortable and was biting into her gum in one area, Dr. Chung agreed to see her on a weekend and made the necessary adjustments.  She rocks!

Ashley J.


Dr. Chung is one of the best! I came in to see Dr. Chung for a consultation because my first go around with braces was unsuccessful. My teeth are now straight and I have a gorgeous smile. Dr. Chung is sweet, caring, and spends the right amount of time on each patient when they're in the chair. I tell everyone to see her any chance I get. I highly recommend Dr. Chung for any orthodontic needs.

Permaster B.


Overall a very pleasant experience at Dr Chung's office.  We went to two orthodontist offices before making our decision for my daughters orthodontic treatment and found that Dr Chung is very detail-oriented, takes her time to assess, listen to our concerns and explain the treatment plan.  All the staff at the office are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful!  Having their own x-ray machine in the office was definitely a plus!!  Not all orthodontic offices have their own x-ray equipment, and often times patients need to travel to another office to have x-rays taken when needed. 


They are also very accommodating when it comes to making last minute appointments especially when there's issues/concerns, I was able to make an emergency appointment for the same day or next day.  I would highly recommend this office without a doubt for any orthodontic work!!

Jimin K.


I've been here many times and I would recommend this place for anyone who needs an orthodontist! This place has amazing people and they are all nice to all their customers :)

Nayoon K.


Dr. Chung's office is very homely. First and foremost, all of the staff prioritize patients very seriously, constantly making sure of their comfort and safety. Not only was I satisfied with my results, but I was also both impressed and touched with how Dr. Chung would always remember the smallest details me, in fact about all her patients. Even now I drop-in time to time just to say hi :)

Sarah C.


Dr Kristy Chung is so nice and so kind. I love her!! She helped me replace my retainers every time I lost it and she helped me learn more about which kinds were best for my teeth. She's not only knowledgable, but will take the time to learn more about your needs and be a friend to you as well!

Joo K.


I could finally find an orthodontist who I can really trust. I walked in and thought she was new. But,Dr.Chung has been practicing for many years in the bay area. She just opened her practice in Sunnyvale. It is located just next to In-N-Out burger. The office is new and very spacuous.

Best of all, she explained my problems and the treatment plan very well. Her front staff was very friendly, fast and flexible. I started my treatment and so far I am very happy.

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